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ABOUT This journal is for icons and graphics by [jazzling] as of 22/09/04. It is an entirely public journal. Before asking questions please check the [FAQ]. If this is your first time to my icon journal, please take a minute to fill out the [poll]. Please read the rules before joining.

JOIN To join simply click [here], to view the community click [here].


COMMENT If I know my icons are liked, I will keep making them. Simple as that.

CREDIT Please credit! If you don't know how, here's a [tutorial]. You can credit me in keywords or comments, I don't mind. If you use one of my icons at another website please use [by_jazzling@livejournal.com].

NO MODIFYING Please do not modify my icons, especially textless ones. I consider adding usernames to icons as modifying.

NO HOTLINKING This means save to your own server, don't bum off mine. There is asbsolutly no reason under the sun why I would allow hotlinking, so just don't do it. Don't know what hotlinking is? [Click Here]

NICE NOT NASTY No need to be bitchy, all it does is make everyone mad. This is an icon journal, not a rating community.


REQUESTS I do not accept requests, sorry. However, I occasionally post inviting people to request. Then and only then can you request.

MEMORIES All icons are stored in the memories. I have sorted them as best as I can but if you see any errors, please tell me.

REMINDING I get sick of having to remind people to credit, so if I do and it comes of bitchily, please understand. It's really not that hard to credit, honestly.

MY WILL If I should die, this community will go to my beloved [happy_melody] who makes pretty icons too ♥

LINKS Some useful links in the icon journal.
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